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1. Can I use a different container to recycle other than the orange bin?
2. Why did the BPU implement the Residential Recycling Credit Program?
3. What happens if my recycling container is stolen?
4. What happens if my recycling container breaks?
5. Are customers that live elsewhere for a certain part of the year going to be penalized for not recycling?
6. How much closer does the new program bring the BPU to single stream recycling?
7. What if I don’t have recyclables every week?
8. How will multi-unit houses be charged?
9. What if I have excess recycling and need more than one recycling container at the curb?
10. What about commercial accounts?
11. How are billing errors or disputes resolved?
12. What mechanisms will be put in place to adjust bills if a customer bounces back and forth from an ‘active recycler’ to a ‘non-recycler’?
13. How do non-City customers participate?
14. How is the matter resolved with a landlord who must pay a higher sanitation bill due to the unwillingness of his tenant(s) to meet our definition of recycling?
15. What is the contingency plan, if the technology isn’t available in a given day/week/month?
16. What do we do if we have questions about this service?
17. How do I obtain my RFID recycling container and when will I receive it?