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Posted on: February 1, 2024

Please slow down around trucks - avoid passing on right side

BPU Solid Waste employee empties garbage container.

Slow down and take care of yourself and others!

When driving on the roads, it's important to show patience and consideration for others. Unfortunately, some drivers have been putting themselves and others in danger by passing our Solid Waste (garbage and recycling) trucks on the right instead of waiting for our workers to finish emptying containers into the trucks. This behavior includes going over curbs and through customer lawns to get around the trucks. We're lucky that no one has been hurt so far, but we can't count on that luck holding out.

It only takes 30-45 seconds for our Solid Waste workers to finish their job. We urge you to slow down and wait for them to complete their work. Remember, this request applies to any vehicle involved in work on a street, including BPU trucks, police cars, fire trucks, Department of Public Works vehicles, ambulances or even private vehicles. 

Please show some patience and consideration for everyone's safety. Slow down when you see a vehicle involved in work on a street. Take care of yourself and others!

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