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Posted on: December 9, 2022

A Recommendation to Seasonal Water Customers Leaving for Winter

This is a view of the BPU Power Plant in winter above the pedestrian bridge and far from the plant

The BPU recommends that seasonal water customers heading south for the winter disconnect water services before leaving. If your house or building will be unoccupied and unheated for a long time period, our Water Division employees recommend that you arrange for a water shut-off by calling our Customer Service Office at 716-661-1660. When we come to do the work, you or your representative must be present to verify that the water is off. Some customers ask us to actually remove their meters when they are gone for such an extended time to avoid any trouble.

  • Another piece of advice is to drain your home for the winter. 

  • Some people actually have their meters removed when they are gone for such an extended time period.  

  • You also might ask a friend or neighbor to check inside the home periodically to be certain that all is as it should be in the building.

Why take these precautions?

Frigid Chautauqua County temperatures can cause a water pipe inside a building to freeze and break. If you're not here to notice it, you would have to deal with major water damage and/or high water bills when you return in the spring.

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