Check Your Pipes

Check Your Pipes!

What is the BPU's 'CHECK YOUR PIPES' initiative?

As part of new regulations developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is required to collect an inventory of water service line materials to each customer throughout our water system.  We need your help to accomplish this task!

How to Identify Your Water Service Line Material

Please use the following steps to help identify the material of the water service line entering your home or business:

Step 1

Locate the water meter.

Step 2

Look at the water pipe coming through the foundation/floor leading up to the water meter (as indicated by the red arrow in the picture below).

Check Your Pipes Water Meter Picture

Step 3

Identify the material of this pipe using the following guide.

Water Service Material Identification Guide 

You will need a MAGNET and a COIN (preferably a penny).

Copper PipeCheck Your Pipes Copper Pipe

  • Scratch the pipe with a penny.  If the scraped area is copper in color, like the penny, the service line is copper.
  • A magnet will NOT stick to copper pipe.

Galvanized Iron PipeCheck Your Pipes Galvanized Iron Pipe

  • Pipe is dull, silver-grey in color.
  • If a magnet sticks to the surface, the service line is galvanized iron.

Lead PipeCheck Your Pipes Lead Pipe

  • Pipe is dull, silver-grey in color and is easily scratched with a coin.
  • A magnet will NOT stick to lead pipe.

Report Your Findings

Once you have determined the material of your water service line using the steps above, please fill out our online survey by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

If you are unsure or unable to identify the material of your water pipe, you may take a picture of the pipe and attach it to the online survey.  Please make sure the picture is as clear as possible and includes the water meter.

If further investigation is required, the BPU will contact you to set up an appointment to verify the service line material at your convenience.


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