Abundant Water

Planning for water security is a long-term outlook. The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities takes pride in the low-cost water and wastewater services we provide to customers and businesses in our service area. Whether brewing, bottling, or growing, Jamestown's water rates make us an attractive place to locate your water-intensive business.

Jamestown's Water Surplus

Every day the BPU provides our 47,000 water customers with more than 5 million gallons of fresh water with a surplus of many millions more. As water supplies are stressed across the world, Jamestown relies on a supply of clean water from two artesian well fields capable of producing 18 million gallons per day in our current service area. The Cassadaga Aquifer has a watershed of 140 square miles, and the Conewango Aquifer with a watershed of 290 square miles. Both are expected to be reliable sources of water for decades to come. 

Water Territory Map