Utility Assessments

If you are considering a commercial or industrial site purchase, you need to know as much about your location as possible. The Jamestown BPU can help by providing prospective business owners with a free Utility Assessment defining all the BPU services available at any site in our service area.

The Utility Assessment includes:

  • Electrical service currently available at the site
  • Monthly basic service charge
  • Monthly water service charge and supply size at the site
  • Wastewater service (maximum flow can be included)
  • Solid waste disposal availability and information
  • District heating (within a defined territory)

The assessment can typically be returned within 1 business day

Personalized Reports

Have a bigger question? The BPU can also assess the viability of a site for customers with more significant infrastructure needs. Depending on your criteria, we can assess the suitability of a site, or suggest another that could be a better fit.