Tree Concerns

Tree Trimming

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the utility’s contractor work continuously to trim or remove trees throughout the BPU service territory in an attempt to minimize the number of electrical outages caused by tree branches contacting power lines.

Tree branches contacting electrical wires are one of the main reasons for power outages, not just in our community but all over the world. The Jamestown Parks Department, the Board of Public Utilities and the utility’s contractor are working to trim trees throughout the BPU service territory. The Parks Department identified trees that are sick or dying and marked them for removal. Tree-trimming crews are trimming away branches in an attempt to minimize the number of electrical outages caused by limbs touching power lines. Please be assured that the trimming away from power lines is performed following guidelines established by tree specialists. When a tree’s branches come close to or actually touch utility power lines, a potentially hazardous situation is created. Trees and power lines can co-exist and potential conflicts can be avoided by selecting and planting trees with size and growth characteristics appropriate to their location. Everyone should avoid planting trees under or near existing power lines.

The BPU does not remove trees that are located in the terrace (between the sidewalk and the curb) or on private property. The BPU is responsible for trimming around our utilities.

Some customers believe that the BPU will remove a tree from their private property because the tree is dead or overgrown, but this is not the case. If the tree is on private property, the property owner is responsible to have the tree removed. The BPU is more than happy to work with the tree removal company by disconnecting the customer’s service line for safety reasons at no charge to the customer. If the tree is in the terrace, the property owner should contact the representative (see below) for the correct area. Each district has its own stipulations regarding tree removals in the terrace.

Tree Endangering Power Lines

If you have a concern about a tree, please report it by calling the Customer Service Office.  You may also report it by completing this form.