Yard Waste

Seasonal Yard Waste Site 

  • The Yard Waste Site is restricted to use by ResiYard Waste Sitedential Solid Waste customers.
  • The Yard Waste Site is located at 1001 Monroe St Jamestown, NY
  • Operation of the site is funded by the monthly fees paid by Residential Solid Waste customers.            
  • Contractors are not permitted to use the site.

Accepted Items

The following mulchable items can be disposed of at the Yard Waste Site:

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Brush
  • Small twigs and sticks

Unacceptable Items

The following items are not accepted for disposal at the Yard Waste Site:

  • Rocks
  • Dirt
  • Bricks or Cement Blocks
  • Metal
  • Lumber
  • Plywood
  • Drywall/Construction Materials  
  • Tires
  • Garbage  

For more information, contact the BPU Garbage Hotline.

Window Stickers

Customers who want to use the Site must display a current BPU Y2019 and 2020 Yard Waste Stickerard Waste Site sticker on the rear driver side window of their vehicles. One sticker is available per BPU Solid Waste residential account. 

Use of the window stickers allows BPU employees to identify BPU Solid Waste residential customers. Ensuring that non-BPU customers are not using the site helps to control the cost of the service.

There is a limit of one sticker per account for the two-year period. Lost stickers will not be replaced. If you are switching vehicles or your sticker is damaged, please bring the sticker into the BPU Customer Service Office to exchange for a replacement sticker.

Obtain a Sticker

A current yard waste sticker is required and available at the BPU Customer Service Office.

Yard Waste Bags

The BPU Customer Service Office sells packs of four 30-gallon biodegradable yard waste bags for $12 per pack. Yard Waste Bag Ready for Pick up

The price includes pick-up of the bags at your home, either one at a time or all at once. This service is available year-round on Tuesday mornings.

To schedule a pick-up of full Yard Waste Bags:

Please contact the BPU Garbage Hotline anytime before 3 p.m. on Monday for a Tuesday morning collection. Any messages received after 3 p.m. on Mondays are automatically scheduled for the following week on Tuesday.

Did you know that you can request a Yard Waste Bag pick-up online through the "My Account" customer portal on our home page? Simply sign into your account and go to the "Forms" option. There is an option to schedule a yard waste bag appointment. Read through the form names while you are there to learn what other requests you can make online.

For pick-up, Yard Waste Bags must:

  • contain mulchable yard waste only
  • not contain any plastic bags or garbage
  • weigh under 40 pounds each
  • be securely closed (stapled or taped shut is acceptable)
  • have the BPU sticker still on the bag (bags not purchased at the BPU office are not eligible for collection)

Any Yard Waste Bags that do not comply with these rules, will not be collected.