BPU Heat Pump Rebate Program

Available Rebates for BPU Electric Customers

Rebates are available on new Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) tiers 1,2, and 3 air source heat pumps, and ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump water heaters. The following rebates are available for the purchase of new products made between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022:

  • Tier 1 Air Source Heat Pump - $500 per ton#
  • Tier 2 Air Source Heat Pump - $750 per ton#
  • Tier 3 Air Source Heat Pump - $1,000 per ton#
  • Heat Pump Water Heater - $500

# - One ton of capacity is equal to 12,000 BTU.

Submission Requirements

For qualified air source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, the following must be submitted:

  • BPU Rebate Form
  • Original Energy Guide
  • Original receipt

Mail or deliver to the Jamestown BPU Customer Service Office.Energy Guide Label, Energy Star Rebatre Form, and invoice

Heat Pump Rebate Documents