Budget Billing

The Budget Billing Program makes managing your utility bills easier - especially for customers who heat with electricity.

Budget Billing estimates what you will pay in utility bills in one year, then divides that annual amount into 12 equal payments to be paid during each month of the year. If you heat with electricity, Budget Billing prevents you from having to pay high electric bills for heating during the winter months. Instead, those higher heating amounts are averaged out to be paid throughout the year.

Requirements to Sign-Up

To sign up for Budget Billing, you have to be a resident for one year at your current address so that electric use can be estimated for the following year. The budget amount will be established at the time of enrollment and for 12 months you make equal payment amounts. The program runs from July to June, so it’s best to enroll in July.

Yearly Sign-Up

The program goes through a yearly refresh, beginning with the July bill, possibly causing an increase or decrease in the monthly amount based on the current account balance. No interest will accrue on over-payments.

Monitor Utility Usage

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) will monitor utility usage of Budget Billing customers and suggest changes in the budgeted amount, should it be significantly different than historical data. If there is a rate increase midway during the customer’s budget year, the budgeted amount will be increased by the percentage of the rate increase. Either party can request an adjustment at any time.