JAMESTOWN 8:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.: Valleyview, Camp from Maple to Collins & Sanford, Hughes, Elizabeth, Gwendolyn, Glenview, W. Va. from Elizabeth to Glenview; Laurie Lane & St.; Roland, Ames, Midgley, Ahrens, Hunter, Auburn, Oak, Juliet, Wildwood, Shady Lane, Maple, Beech, Hickory, Shaw, Shaver, English from Sanford to Hebner; Hebner from Valleyview to Walnut; Kinney from Walnut to English; Pearl, Maltby, Holman, Vinnie, Tower, Lind Alley, Walnut, Sherman, Arnold, Pullman, King, Elizabeth; Allen from Pullman to Willard, River, Chandler@ River. 12:30-4:30 p.m. Foote from Cole to Brad; Brad from Foote to Martin; Bradmar Circle; High; Martin from Allendale to South; South near Martin Rd.; Springdale, Edith, Elizabeth from Fairdale to Springdale; Allendale; Marion, Elam, Burton, Linwood, Cole from Foote to E. VA, Douglas, Barker from Ivy to W. VA; W.VA from Newland to Glenview; Hampton, E. VA from Hughes to Virginia Circle, LaBarbara Lane, Laska Circle and Drive, Christy Lane, Pinedale, Shasta, Alfred, May, Willard from Wescott to Vega; Chandler from River to Barrows; Allen from Chandler to Sciota; Wescott, Sciota, Hedges, Johnson, Barrows, Chapin, Peterson, Eagle, Vega, Benedict

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