The BPU supplies water to nearly 48,000 area residents. The New York State Sanitary Code (Part 5 section 1.31) mandates that a community's water system must be free of all sanitary hazards, including unprotected cross connections which would allow contaminants to be introduced into the (potable) drinking water system by back-siphonage or back-pressure. The code also mandates that this cross connection control is the responsibility of the supplier of water (the BPU) and the water customer (you).

To assure that no water of questionable or unsuitable quality enters the public water system, the BPU will work with the customer to determine the degree of hazard that business poses to the system. The customer will be required to install an acceptable backflow prevention device; follow it up with appropriate testing, operation and maintenance and keep adequate records of its performance and repair.

Failure to comply with this program may constitute grounds for discontinuing water service at the discretion of the Water Resources Deputy General Manager and the General Manager.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to (716) 661-1673.

1.) Do you already have a backflow device installed?

2.) Will you be installing a backflow prevention device?

3.) Do you have an active exemption from installing a backflow preventer?

You need to submit a renewal request each year.

Remember, by signing this form, you as the owner or responsible party are verifying that the building use is the same as it was when the building was inspected and the plumbing in your building had not been changed or modified since the building was inspected when the original exemption was granted. If the building use or internal plumbing has been changed, please refer to question #2 above.

Please use the form below to keep your exemption active.

Please note:
The exemption option for non-hazardous services is no longer offered. Only those customers that obtained the exemption during the early stages (2012-2014) of our backflow prevention program can use this form. If you did not apply for an exemption during this time frame you are now required to install some type of backflow prevention device on your water service based on the degree of hazard your facility poses to the public water supply. See question #2 above for details.

For more information, you may look at the New York State Department of Health’s Cross-Connection Control Program page at

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