Solid Waste Rate Schedule

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Rate Schedule of Solid Waste

Solid Waste Affidavit

Solid Waste Recycling Statement Attesting to Being Away from Property

All residential rates within the City of Jamestown constitute a basic service charge on a per dwelling unit basis and are charged without regard to unit occupancy or utilization of the service provided.
A reduced rate for multiple-unit housing is available if the landlord wishes to pay sanitation charges for all units on one account.
Sanitation collection for commercial customers is now available call 661-1651 for information.

Residential Service

City of Jamestown
Monthly Basic Service Charge
$21.00 per dwelling unit
Outside of the City of Jamestown
Monthly Basic Service Charge
$27.50 per dwelling unit
All customers will receive a credit of $10.50 per month for participating in the Residential Recycling Credit Program

Miscellaneous Fees

Excess bag fee (over 8/wk.) $3.00 per bag
Cooling Agent evacuation $20.00 (in addition to pickup fee)
Special item pickup $20.00 per item
Scheduled Special item pickup (up to 4 items/week) $10.00 ($5.00 per additional item)
Computer monitors/televisions $30.00 each
Scheduled Computer monitors/televisions $15.00 each
Yard waste bags (includes pickup) $12.00 (for 4 bags)
Additional recycling bin (yellow) $8.00
Processing Fee for recycling bin replacement (orange) $10.00
Fee for Unreturned Bin $10.00

Commercial Service

For commercial trash services including dumpsters and curbside collection, please contact the BPU Garbage hotline at 661-1651 for availability and pricing information.
Small Commercial entity (waste stream similar to residential) $13.00
Medium Commercial entity (waste stream 2X residential) $26.00

Multi-unit Housing Rates

2 - 5 units $13.00 per unit
6 - 10 units $15.55 plus $10.46 per unit
11 - 15 units $44.23 plus $7.29 per unit
16+ units $86.93 plus $4.75 per unit

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