Solid Waste Budget, Rates and Forms

Print Jamestown Board of Public Utilities Solid Waste Division Budget

Rate Schedule of Solid Waste

Solid Waste Affidavit

Solid Waste Recycling Statement Attesting to Being Away from Property

BPU Solid Waste Rates

The BPU Solid Waste residential rate will be $21.00 per unit each month. Those customers who participate in the Residential Recycling Credit Program (RRCP) - by recycling using their orange recycling bins with radio frequency identification (rfid) tags - will receive a $10.50 credit on the monthly bill. In effect, customers who participate in the program will receive a $10.50 credit on their $21.00 fee, making their rate only $10.50 each month.

Landlords who pay Solid Waste charges for tenants, in multiple-unit housing, continue to pay $12.10 per residential unit.

A reduced rate for multiple-unit housing is available if the landlord wishes to pay sanitation charges for all units on one account.

Sanitation collection for commercial customers is now available call 661-1651 for information.

Multi-unit Housing Rates
1 - 5 units $12.10 per unit
6 - 10 units $14.65 plus $9.56 per unit
11 - 15 units $43.33 plus $6.39 per unit
16+ units $86.03 plus $3.85 per unit

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