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Residential Recycling Credit Program

Using Advanced Technology to Stabilize Rates

Recycling this week is plastic & metal cans

Recycle Using Your RFID-Tagged Orange Bin


BPU Residential Recycling customers are each provided with one uniform recycling container to place their recyclables at the curb each week. As of 2014, the bins are a bright orange and carry a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag that is programmed directly to the customer’s own Solid Waste account at that residence. The bin is similar to a “meter” for the home and stays with the residence when the customer moves.

The BPU recycling trucks are outfitted with RFID tag readers. As the recycling employees place the recyclables in the truck, the bin is scanned. This is how we know whether or not you are eligible for a credit off your monthly Solid Waste fee.

Those who do not recycle will be charged the full monthly rate. Extra containers may be used for overflow, but the orange RFID bin MUST be at the curb with your recyclables in order to earn the credit.

If moveing, leave your recycling bin at the house.

2018 English Recycling Calendar

2018 Spanish Recycling Calendar

Recycling Guidelines

Recycling Bin Stuffer

Solid Waste Rates

Solid Waste Affidavit Form

Solid Waste Recycling Statement Attesting to Being Away from Property Form


For commercial trash services including dumpsters and curbside collection, please contact the BPU Garbage hotline at 661-1651 for availability and pricing information.

Ellery Landfill and
South County Transfer Station

Chautauqua County Transfer Station Rates

  • South County Transfer Station: 665-6894
  • Ellery Landfill: 985-4785

Special Pick-Up Services for Special Item, Electronics, and Appliances containing FREON

For collection of special items, electronics or appliances containing Freon, call the Garbage Hotline at 716-661-1651.
You should call 2-3 business days before your regular garbage day to arrange an appointment for pickup and to inquire about the fee.

You may be subject to a fine if you leave such items at the curb without an appointment.

A large item is anything weighing more than 40 pounds or something that cannot be easily handled by one employee. Examples: furniture, mattresses, major appliances and televisions.

Appliances containing coolant are subject to a coolant removal fee in addition to the pickup charge.

Questions? Contact the GARBAGE HOTLINE at 716-661-1651.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the recyclable this week?

  • The recyclable for this week is shown on our homepage. You can print or download the recycling calendar below.

2. How can I get a copy of the Recycling Calendar?

  • You can download the English version here 2018 English Recycling Calendar.
  • Puede descargar la versión en español aquí 2018 Spanish Recycling Calendar.
  • Call the Garbage Hotline at 661-1651 or Communications at 661-1680 to request that a calendar be mailed to your home.
  • Copies are also available for pick-up at the BPU Customer Service Office located at 92 Steele Street.

3. What are the hours and phone number of the South County Transfer Station?

4. What are corrugated cardboard and box board?

  • Corrugated cardboard is defined as “two pieces of heavy paper (usually brown) with a wavy layer in between them.”
  • Corrugated cardboard is a mandatory recyclable item and must be placed at the curb.
  • Cardboard should be flattened and placed within the recycling container or the flattened pieces may be contained in one larger box.
  • Boxboard (such as cereal boxes, soda cartons, food boxes and most shoe boxes) is accepted as a BPU recyclable.

5. What can I do with my yard waste?

  • Yard Waste should be brought to the Monroe Street Yard Waste Site, located off 8th Street.
  • You can find more details on yard waste here.

6. What can I do with paint cans?

  • Paint cans may be discarded in the trash if the can is empty or the paint is dried.
  • Kitty litter may be placed in liquid paint cans to dry the paint.
  • Once dry, the cans may be left at the curb with lids removed, without being placed in garbage bags.

7. What can I do with my magazines and paperback books?

  • These items may be recycled with newspapers along with junk mail and office paper.

8. What can I do with hard cover books?

  • Hard cover books may be discarded in the trash.

9. Do newspapers have to be covered?

  • Newspapers NO LONGER have to be kept dry when they are placed at the curb, therefore the recycling container is not required to have a lid.

10. What can I do with colored glass?

  • The BPU now recycles both colored and clear glass.

11. Can I recycle Styrofoam?

  • Currently, the BPU does not recycle Styrofoam and it should be placed in the trash.

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