BPU Residential Recycling customers are each provided with one uniform recycling container to place their recyclables at the curb each week. As of 2014, the bins are a bright orange and carry a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag that is programmed directly to the customer’s own Solid Waste account at that residence. The bin is similar to a “meter” for the home and stays with the residence when the customer moves.

The BPU recycling trucks are outfitted with RFID tag readers. As the recycling employees place the recyclables in the truck, the bin is scanned. This is how we know whether or not you are eligible for the $10 credit off your monthly $20 Solid Waste fee.

Customers who recycle using the orange RFID bins will be charged $10 a month for Solid Waste, while those who do not recycle will be charged the full $20 monthly rate. Extra containers may be used for overflow, but the orange RFID bin MUST be at the curb with your recyclables in order to earn the $10 off credit.


The BPU previously used yellow recycling containers for recycling. These bins still are available for sale at BPU Customer Service for the price of $8. Customers still may use these bins for overflow recycling, however, the orange RFID bin must be placed at the curb to receive the recycling $10 credit.

If an orange container is stolen, a container is replaced one time for free. Your recycling container has been assigned to a specific address. If it is lost or stolen, please contact the Garbage Hotline at 661-1651.

If an orange RFID bin breaks, residents should bring the broken bin to Customer Service for a free replacement.

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