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Jamestown BPU Home Energy Audits and Weatherization Rebates for Residential Customers

The BPU offers residential electric customers the opportunity to request a subsidized energy audit for their homes. These audits provide an in-depth look at how your home performs as a single system and will provide you with a report on the cost effectiveness of each upgrade.

How do I participate in an audit?
Customers must own the property being audited for a Home Audit. Contact the BPU’s Energy Efficiency Coordinator at 661-1646 to make sure you qualify for an audit and to obtain the contact information of local BPI certified home energy auditors.

How much will my audit cost?
Currently free home energy audits are available through Green Jobs Green New York for any Chautauqua County home owner with a annual house hold income below $106,000.

If the customer does not qualify through Green Jobs Green New York, the cost for an audit is $100.

How do I qualify for BPU weatherization rebates?
Only homeowners who have completed a Home Audit qualify for weatherization rebates. However, all BPU residential electric customers may participate in the Energy Star Rebate Program without an audit. Rebates may only be claimed in one program.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A Home Energy Audit is an in-depth analysis of your home envelope, heating system and electric consuming devices. The home audit includes:

  • Blower door test to evaluate air infiltration
  • Thermal imaging photography to locate air leakage and assess insulation levels
  • Combustion efficiency test for natural gas-fired heating systems and hot water tanks
  • Electrical metering of large appliances such refrigerators and freezers
  • A lighting audit to identify cost savings of converting to compact fluorescent and hard-wired fluorescent lighting
  • Evaluate hot water tank and pipe insulation
  • Identify cost savings of installing low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Evaluate clothes dryer for proper venting and energy usage
  • Carbon monoxide safety monitoring, and natural gas leak detection

Once the audit is complete, the auditor will use computer modeling to assess different upgrade scenarios and the anticipated payback from those upgrades. From the modeling, a report will be generated and delivered to the homeowner. The upgrades that are listed in this report are then eligible for weatherization rebates.

Requirements to receive BPU weatherization rebate:

  • Home Energy Audit completed within the last 24 months
  • Audit recommended weatherization improvements must be performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor
  • Provide an invoice from the BPI certified contractor who completed the work

Weatherization Rebate

Jamestown BPU

  • Rebates will cover 25% of the cost of the weatherization improvements with a $1,500 maximum limit per audit for all residential electric customers; and 50%, up to $3,000, for customers who have used electric as their primary heat source for at least three years.
  • Upon verification, rebates will be issued in the form of a check. Rebates take 4 to 6 weeks from the date that the rebate request is received.


  • Rebates of 10% up to a $3,000 maximum are available on eligible measures
  • Rebates of 50% up to $5,000 on eligible measures for households with annual income below 80% of the state median ($65,000 for a family of four)
  • Low interest financing available.
  • For more information on NYSERDA programs, visit their website at for more information.

To receive your rebate you must submit -

  • Weatherization Rebate Form
  • A detailed invoice from the BPI-certified contractor who completed the work

Mail or deliver to:
Jamestown BPU Customer Service
92 Steele Street, P.O. Box 700
Jamestown, NY 14702-0700

Conditions of Offer:
Audits are performed by an independent contractor. The BPU is not liable for the actions of the contractor and does not guarantee energy savings. The customer is responsible for payment of all taxes associated with this program. The Jamestown BPU reserves the right to terminate or modify this program at any time.

If you have any questions concerning the program, please contact:
Dan Reynolds
Energy Efficiency Coordinator
Jamestown BPU
P.O. Box 700, 92 Steele Street
Jamestown, NY 14702-0700
Phone (716) 661-1646

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