Access to Your Meter

The utility reads your meter so that it can send you an accurate bill, based on the amount of electricity you use. If the BPU is unable to read a meter for four months in a row, it will send you a notice requesting that you either provide the utility with a reading or make an appointment for a special reading. You can phone your water meter reading to the utility or you can mail it to the BPU on a meter reading card the utility will provide at your request. The BPU can arrange to read a meter both during and after normal working hours. If you do not control access to your meter, please arrange with the building owner or manager to let BPU meter readers in.

You can e-mail electric and water meter readings to

If, after eight straight months, you haven't made an appointment or provided the BPU with a meter reading, you or the individual who controls access to the meter may be subject to a charge of $25.00.

Diversion of Service or Shared Meter

If you rent an apartment and pay your own utility bills, you pay only for the energy you use in your dwelling. The BPU cannot charge you for electricity used elsewhere in the apartment; nor can the BPU turn off your service for failing to pay for service outside your apartment - unless you have agreed with your landlord to pay for such other service. If you believe you are being wrongly charged for energy that others are using, call the BPU Customer Service. The utility will investigate and settle the matter.

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