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The business office is located at:
92 Steele Street Jamestown, NY

The mailing address is:
P.O. Box 700
Jamestown, NY 14702-0700

Our telephone number is:
(716) 661-1660

Office hours are:
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM


2015 English Recycling Calendar

2015 Spanish Recycling Calendar

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Legal Notice

There are no legal notices at this time.

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Fact Finder’s report regarding contract negotiations between the BPU and the IBEW Local 459
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Jamestown BPU News

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Approves Four-Year Agreement with Teamsters, Local 264, on Behalf of Solid Waste Workers

The Jamestown BPU Board today ratified a four-year agreement reached on November 21 with Teamsters Local 264, representing BPU sanitation employees. Members of the Teamsters Local 264 voted to approve the agreement on November 25.

The new contract is in effect from January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2018. The BPU employs eleven full-time sanitation workers. Click to read more

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and TitanX Renew Flex Rate Agreement

Picture shows, l-r, Mayor Sam Teresi, TitanX North American President Matt Moore and BPU General Manager Dave Leathers. TitanX Facilities Manager Dan Kling is in the back.

Officials from the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and TitanX met today to renew a Flex Rate Agreement which will maintain lower energy costs for the manufacturer through October 31, 2018. Today’s signing extends a contract first developed in October, 2010.
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Chuck Cornell Joins as Member of the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities

The Director of the Center for Regional Advancement at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia has been named as a member of the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU).
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Jamestown BPU “Cents for St. Susan’s” Campaign Raises Record $17,260 for Soup Kitchen
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“Piping Hot,” a new BPU e-newsletter for our District Heating customers.

The electronic newsletter will be mailed to District Heating customers twice a year, updating them on new District Heat developments and providing maintenance tips for customers. Click to read more

BPU Wastewater Collection Crews to Dye-Test Downspouts
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BPU Solid Waste Customers Reminded to Dispose Sharps Safely

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Solid Waste Division reminds customers to dispose of “sharps” in a safe manner for the public and for BPU Solid Waste employees.

Sharps are objects used for medical purposes, such as needles, syringes with needles attached, lancets, razor blades and other items that could cause punctures, cuts or abrasions.

Sharps may be disposed of safely in puncture resistant, leak-proof materials such as plastic milk or soda bottles. The design of any disposal container should easily allow sharps to be placed inside the container, but difficult to remove. The container should be capped and labeled as “hazardous materials.” Some drug stores sell red sharps containers that are marked clearly and sealed with a lid.

Sharps or sharps containers may be taken to the security desk in the emergency room of WCA Hospital, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some pharmacies also accept sharps containers.

Sharps may carry disease and should not be placed directly into a plastic garbage bag from which they may break through and injure persons handling the garbage.



The frost line is 4 feet down from the ground, causing main breaks and frozen water lines into houses. Even if it warms up, please run a pencil-then trickle of water from faucets in your home, especially in a sink or tub located close to an exterior wall to prevent the frozen and broken pipes and the inconvenience of no water in your home. We need to do this until the ground warms.

BPU Announces Change in All 2015 Holiday Garbage/Recycling Collections

Beginning this year, when a holiday occurs, marked with an (H) in the BPU recycling calendar, collection will be on the day following the holiday. Pick-up for the rest of the holiday week will shift to the next day. For instance, if a holiday occurs on a Monday (marked with an H on the recycling calendar), normal Monday collection moves to Tuesday; Tuesday collection will shift to Wednesday; Wednesday to Thursday; Thursday to Friday; and Friday shifts to Saturday.

Holidays for BPU Solid Waste employees do not include all the holidays that schools celebrate. Be sure to check your BPU recycling calendar for the dates marked “(H)” before you delay putting out your garbage.

This new system means that employees will collect only one day’s garbage and recycling in one day. Details are noted on the BPU 2015 recycling calendar which was mailed to each customer in December and is posted on the website at www.jamestownbpu.com. Call the Garbage Hotline at 661-1651 for any questions.

Residential Recycling Credit Program
Frequently Asked Questions
in English

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities Announces 2015 Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) today approved its Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs for 2015. Only two programs have changed.
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PSC Approves BPU Plan to Assist Local Industrial Businesses

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), which oversees New York utilities, has approved the BPU’s tariff filing to expand its electric industrial Flex Rate Program and to assist businesses with an electric service replacement program. The changes, effective October 15, 2014, are a move to attract industrial and manufacturing companies to the BPU electric territory and to assist current customers in this category.
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New York Power Authority Approves BPU’s Application for Electric Car Charging Stations

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) recently approved the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) grant request for three electric vehicle charging stations to be installed in the BPU electric territory.
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Jamestown BPU Approves 2015 Solid Waste, Wastewater, and District Heating and Chilling Budgets

Jamestown BPU Approves 2015 Solid Waste Budget with Slight Increase Click to read more

Jamestown BPU Adopts 2015 Wastewater Division Budget: With No Rate Increase for Sixth Consecutive Year Click to read more

Jamestown BPU Adopts 2015 District Heating and Chilling Budget: No Rate Increase Click to read more

Jamestown BPU Feature Article

Johnson Foundation of Jamestown Endows Good Neighbor Fund of BPU

BPU General Manager Dave Leathers, left, joins the Johnson Foundation’s Executive Director Carole Sellstrom and Trustee John Sellstrom in signing an agreement for endowment of the Good Neighbor Fund. Holding the seal of the Swedish Counsel behind them are Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Executive Director Randy Sweeney and BPU Communications Coordinator Becky Robbins.

The Johnson Foundation of Jamestown has granted $100,000 to the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to create an endowment to be known as the John Alfred and Oscar Johnson Memorial Trust/BPU Good Neighbor Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation (CRCF).

The generous Johnson Foundation gift assists the BPU in converting the “pass through” Good Neighbor Fund, and formerly the Customer Assistance Program (CAP), into a permanently endowed fund held in perpetuity at the CRCF.

Income from the new endowment fund will continue to assist customers with a consistent record of payments who run into emergencies (such as house fires or sudden illness) that prevent them from paying their BPU bills.

In the past, the BPU Good Neighbor Fund, which has not been an endowment, was limited to customers who receive no public assistance. Beginning in 2015, the fund’s availability will include those people, with a six-month record of payment, who run into emergencies, but who are elderly on Social Security or who are on unemployment for six months or less. The maximum amount allowed for assistance per year is $150. In addition, aid from the Fund is given on a first-come, first-serve basis as money earned by the fund may be depleted at any time and may not be available.

The BPU will continue to raise funds through customer newsletter sponsorships and individual customer donations.

Applications for the John Alfred and Oscar Johnson Memorial Trust/BPU Good Neighbor Fund still will be handled by the local Salvation Army in Brooklyn Square. Only the Salvation Army qualifies recipients for the fund.

The Johnson Foundation was created by the late Mr. John Alfred Johnson in 1996 and has been administered by local attorney John L. Sellstrom, co-trustee, and Carole Sellstrom, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Mr. Johnson moved to Jamestown from Sweden in his twenties and later became an American citizen but cherished his Swedish heritage. He worked until his retirement at Marlin-Rockwell in Jamestown and worked nights and weekends with his older brother, the late Oscar Johnson, a local contractor. Neither man married and both lived simply, saving and investing their earnings well.

After Oscar passed away, John Alfred Johnson moved to a Jamestown apartment where he lived alone until his death. Because Mr. Sellstrom served as the Swedish Consul in Jamestown, Mr. Johnson sought the assistance of Mr. Sellstrom in handling his business decisions. The two men became good and trusted friends, with the attorney calling John every day.

Sellstrom found Mr. Johnson to be quite remarkable, in that, despite the donor’s wealth, his only luxury was to purchase a new car every three years. He later became blind and gave up driving, choosing to walk or ride the bus around Jamestown.

Two of his favorite organizations were the James Prendergast Library and the Salvation Army. He and his friends enjoyed the Library as a warm place to go in winter and as a place to read newspapers the Library received from Sweden. Mr. Johnson admired the Salvation Army’s work and the Sellstroms believe that he would be pleased to know that the Salvation Army qualifies all recipients of the Good Neighbor Fund.

Mr. Sellstrom noted that the endowment for the Good Neighbor Fund would be “right up John Johnson’s alley,” because the fund helps “working people,” which Johnson considered himself to be.

Mrs. Sellstrom added, “We are confident that John Alfred Johnson would be delighted by this endowment carrying the names of his brother and himself. It would be something of which he would very much approve.”

BPU General Manager David L. Leathers thanked the Johnson Foundation and the Sellstroms for the endowment which will assist BPU customers in need in the years ahead. “It’s really fantastic,” remarked Leathers. “We couldn’t be more thankful on behalf of our customers.”

CRCF Executive Director Randall J. Sweeney also expressed deep appreciation for the endowment to be held by the Community Foundation.

“We thank the Johnson Foundation, the Sellstroms and the BPU for entrusting this fund to the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation,” said Sweeney. “We pledge to administer the fund reliability and faithfully, and to provide for the intended use of the fund.”

Free State Energy Audits for Homes, Small Businesses and Non-profits

BPU Encourages the Use of Free State Energy Audits for Homes, Small Businesses and Non-profits; Subsidized Audits for Local Governments
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Tampering with BPU Electric Meters Is Dangerous and Illegal

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) alerts and reminds customers that tampering with BPU electric meters creates a dangerous situation and is against the law.

Tampering with electric meters may cause fires or other safety hazards for inhabitants of homes or buildings where such meters are located. In addition, BPU employees may be placed in danger in these circumstances.

Tampering with an electric meter for the purpose of obtaining electric service without paying for it is a class A misdemeanor under the New York State Penal law. The BPU reports theft of service to local police agencies for prosecution.

Per the Electric Division tariff and BPU policy, in the event of an electric meter that has been illegally altered, the BPU immediately will disconnect the electric service to the building at the pole without notice. This policy affects multi-unit houses as well. Electric service in these cases will not be restored until an electrical inspection is completed by a certified electric inspector and all applicable charges, including tampering penalties are paid in full.

Electric service in these situations will not be reconnected after normal business hours, but will be restored within twenty-four hours after the electric inspection approval and full payment.

JamestownUpClose.com launches
“Share Your City”

By connecting and sharing information about Jamestown and its attractions and accommodations, the community can work together and be advocates of their city and attract tourism into our streets, shops, restaurants, and attractions. Let’s help put Jamestown on the map.

To Share Your City, please connect with Jamestown Up Close on Facebook, on Twitter @JTownUpClose, join our website mailing list, and write a letter or send a post card from Jamestown.Start by visiting Jamestownupclose.com

BPU Online Account Access and Payment Options

BPU Customers may pay bills online with e-checks, debit cards and credit cards. Once registered for the service, customers also may access account information such as meter readings, consumption history and past bills.

Customers may register for online access to their accounts by logging in at https://account.jamestownbpu.com or by clicking the “Access BPU Account” link under “Quick Links” in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, and following directions.

All online users will need their BPU customer numbers to register. The customer number includes the six digits beginning with the number one (1) that appears after the dash of the account number printed on the bill.

An e-check works similar to a paper check, but without the need for a check to actually be written and processed by the recipient’s bank. When the customer authorizes an e-check payment, it is processed as a debit transaction using the routing and account number of the checking account. The amount that is debited by this transaction is then transferred to the BPU account in much the same ways as if a paper check had been written.

To provide feedback or to request assistance with the process, customers may contact Customer Service at 661-1660 or Communications at 661-1680.

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